Monday, October 25, 2010

project pre-colby

i was just looking through all my pictures on facebook and got to the pictures of hawaii for both my honeymoon and for a family vacation, i must say it was quite the motivation for me. i remember working so hard to look beach ready and never felt like i reached that beach body i wanted, but boy oh boy would i take that now! i've been working out about 5 days a week since i had colby, but i hardly ever push myself beyond the point to get my body to tone. it's more of a relaxed work out i suppose (but don't get me wrong, i still sweat like a pig). i couldn't seem to find the motivation to WORK to get my body back, i kinda just wanted to go to the gym and work out for 30 minutes and basically just expected it to happen. well it hasn't, and i don't see it happening in the near future unless i change something. it's very hard to be motivated to push myself when i have a baby (even though he's sound asleep in his carrier at the gym) and not to mention the gym here at the complex has the heater on - which i'm not complaining about because it's cold outside so of course they need it on, it's just unfortunate it's on in the weight room too because i get SOOO hot. anyway, enough excuses - I'M GONNA DO IT! i'm gonna get the body back that i had pre-colby. i'm gonna drop those 5 extra pounds and TONE my body again, i'm sick of the fatness. project pre-colby, here i come!
(probably not a good idea to have this goal right before the holiday season - which is why i'm writing it down, so i feel obligated to do it - wish me luck!!)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New chapter in life

Our time in Rexburg is coming to an end, Andrew graduates in December and then we are outta here! I've been so excited for this time to come, but now i'm realizing how great this place is and how much i'm going to miss it. Here are just a few things i'm going to miss

- living in a place where 99% of the people believe the same thing you do
- having good friends and family a few minutes away
- living in a small town where everything is less than 10 minutes away
- not scared to leave the door unlocked
- craigo's - please open in more places
- camping
- the snow
- G's dairy
- the temple so close

Those are just a few things that i take for granted here. in january andrew, colby, and i will be headed to bakersfield, california for andrew's internship at cbiz. i'm excited for the new opportunity, but also a little scared to be completely on our own. andrew and i were talking the other night and realized this is going to be the first time we are going to be living in a place without the temple close by - we've totally taken that for granted. we are so blessed to have gotten an internship in bakersfield, and we're both pretty excited for the new experience. (and my mom is already figuring out travel plans so she can come visit all the time to see her grandson. pretty sure the distance is going to kill her)

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Francisca and Jason told me early on in the week "Tara, we're taking Colby Saturday, and you ARE going on a date" so basically, i had to go. i was SO nervous to go, i didn't know if Colby was going to fall asleep for them or if he was going to take the bottle. I told them I'd think about it and let them know, but of course i decided i could trust them with Colby for a couple hours and that he'd be JUST fine. Afterall - Jason is a master at putting him to sleep and Colby has a huge crush on his auntie francisca, so i knew they could handle it. I was just praying that he wouldn't be a pill for them.

Andrew and I took off for our great amazing adventurous date. We tried a new restaurant (new to us) called Gringos (yeah you've probably all heard of it). Turns out it was very delicious. We didn't want to venture too far out of Rexburg just in case Colby wouldn't eat from them, so we stuck around town. and what could be a better date than to go to Walmart! Yes that's right, our first date night in MONTHS and we head to Walmart so i could go shopping without Colby. It was very relaxing though, and i didn't have to worry that Colby would get fussy halfway through my shopping. We were gone just 2 hours (you gotta start small). Turns out Colby was AMAZING! He fell asleep so good for them, and we got back before they had to feed him so they didn't have to try to tackle that obstacle. It really made me feel so much better to leave him more often (maybe like once a month - i missed him!)

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Colby rolled over! Only a LITTLE help from his mom :)

Monday, October 11, 2010

All Day Colic?

I went to the doctor this morning for Colby because he's has a cold for over a week now and yesterday i saw signs that there might be an ear infection. As bad as it sounds, i was hoping there was something wrong with him so we could get some antibiotics and be on our way and in about a week or so I would have a baby that slept again. Turns out there is NOTHING wrong with him, just a little cold. Doc says he might be a little colic. Excuse me, a LITTLE colic? Every time he's tired he cries and cries and doesn't want to go to sleep. and this is ALL day for EVERY nap. I thought colic was more of an evening thing that lasted for a few hours, but all day? only when he's tired? Basically, i think colic stands for - "sorry you're baby is a pain in the butt, nothing i can do so good luck" Now don't get me wrong, i absolutely love Colby to death and just one little smile from him makes my day, but that mood changes just as fast as his does when he goes from smiling to screaming in a second. I'm stressing all day wondering if he's going to go down easy for his naps, or if i'm gonna end up rocking him to sleep for an hour. I've tried rocking him and putting him in his crib asleep - and he wakes up 5 minutes later crying, i've tried putting him in his crib when he's almost passed out - and he wakes up crying, i've tried just letting him cry it out - and he cries for over an hour and a half and starts spitting up, i've tried just rocking him and holding him (what kind of a person wants to hold their baby for hours and hours and get nothing done?) well he finally sleep after an hour or so of crying, and then wakes up after only a half hour nap, if i get lucky enough that he takes his pacifier - i have to sit there and hold it in his mouth. I'm all out of ideas, i'm going crazy! the only upside to this is that if it is colic...that should dwindle in the 3rd month right? Good thing he's cute right? :)