Sunday, June 19, 2011

Six Flags

Yesterday, Andrew, Kami, Colby, and I went to Six Flags...for FREE! CBIZ was having a company picnic/party thing there, so we all got free tickets. It worked out perfectly that Kami was going to be visiting that weekend so that we could go and actually go on rides! We switched off who went on rides and who had baby duty. Can i just tell you...that place is AMAZING! We're planning on going back sometime in the next month when my parents are here for Colby's birthday, so they can just babysit and Andrew and I can REALLY enjoy the park and go on lots of RIDES. Colby sure did make it fun though, he was so good and didn't complain even though the only place it let him play was the stroller because the ground grossed me out.

Sunday, June 12, 2011


Andrew and i were having an interesting conversation yesterday. The whole argument started a couple days ago when andrew called a little skit, a "sketch". i proceeded to call him an idiot, and ask him (or tell him) that he meant "skit". I decided to look it up yesterday as the argument resurfaced. This is a great example of why you should proof read before you talk smack. this is how that conversation went:

Tara: "See andrew! you google sketch and you get drawings, you google skit and you get....a comedy sketch"

CRAP! Well he won that one.

Well later that night we watched "Did You Hear About The Morgans?" I was telling Andrew how I have a big nose, just like Sarah Jessica Parker. His reply, "no you don't, she doesn't have a big nose either." i responded with the smart remark "yeah huh!" I looked up pictures of Sarah Jessica Parker to prove my point. He still didn't budge. So he told me to google "girl with big nose". so i did. first thing we see... HUGE picture of Sarah Jessica Parker.

Andrew: 1 Tara: 1


Andrew signed up for a soccer league this summer. He had his first game yesterday and they tied! (the other team scored at the last second! dang). Andrew was DYING! He hasn't had time to work out very much the last 6 months. i made him go running with me in the morning, and after 20 minutes of playing soccer his legs were pretty much noodles. but he had fun, and colby and I had fun watching him.