Friday, August 26, 2011

I feel likes its been forever since i've posted a blog. here's a little update on whats going on with our little family.

We officially moved into our new house on the 6th of this month, and it's been crazy for the rest of the time. We decided to completely remodel our home...while living here. Andrew, Jason, Bob, some help from Andrew's friend, and I were luckily able to get most of the tile laid before we moved in. We painted the walls, and we are painting the cabinets (which means nothing can go in the cabinets), we replaced the countertops (which means no sinks) and because of the kitchen remodel all we had was a microwave and the fridge for 3 weeks (yay for frozen burritos!). I'm the happiest lady in the world since we put in our kitchen sink, dishwasher, and stove. Even though we still can't put things in the cabinets, i'm so happy to be able to somewhat use our kitchen! Things are coming along, andrew works all day, and then comes home and we work until about 12-1 getting things done. perhaps we took on too much, but its fun in a weird way. All this work and no sleep has apparently taken a tole on us, colby and I are now sick (although he's handling it better than me) and i'm praying Andrew doesn't get sick - he can't afford to be even more drained than he already is. Even though it's incredibly hard living with your house torn apart with a very curious 1 year old, it'll be worth it. it's fun to start to see all of our hard work to pay off. I'll post before and after pictures when we're done! (hopefully that'll be soon)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Dana Point

This past week Colby and i were in Dana Point with my family. Andrew was in LA for training, so it worked out perfectly that my parents planned this little vacation during the same time so that i didn't have to be alone all week. We had such a great time, i just love going to the beach! The beach is just so much more fun now that i get to watch colby enjoy it. He actually hated the sand at first (not sure why, we've been to the beach lots before and he never had a problem) but by the end of the week he was eating the sand, so i guess he was ok with it. He could hardly control his excitement about the ocean though, he just loved the waves.

He built sand castles with Uncle Jay
Went surfing with Aunty Kami

and ate cheerios that were thrown on the sand for the squirrels

I love the vacations where we just hang out together and go to the beach every day and have some good laughs. my favorite.

We were an hour or more away from Andrew in LA, but one of the days last week we were able to meet up with andrew in Huntington Beach (halfway point - kinda). Colby was so so so happy to finally see his daddy! We were trying to take cool pictures by the ocean, all of a sudden andrew takes colby from me and starts running the opposite way without saying a word. Thank goodness i have catlike reflexes and i see the huge wave thats headed towards us...thanks for the heads up hubby. love you too.