Saturday, February 25, 2012

February vacation

Colby and I have been doing a little vacationing the last 2 weeks and we've had so much fun! It started with Colby and me going to LA a couple Fridays ago to see my siblings and my parents (Andrew was originally going to come with me, but had to work that Saturday so I made the journey with Colby alone).  We spent Saturday at the beach,

He couldn't get enough of the water

He was pretty sad that the birds kept flying away 

and Sunday we went to church and headed home as soon as we could to see Andrew.  My parents came with me to Bakersfield and spent a couple days here helping me with things around the house.... but mostly setting up Colby's swingset (which he has yet to use, but I'm sure he'll love it).  Wednesday last week we headed down to Arizona to my parents house where Colby and I spent the last week and a half.  Andrew had prepared me and told me he was going to be super busy, so I took this time to get out of the house and spend some time with my family in AZ.  While I was out having fun, Andrew was working 22+ hour days (poor guy is so tired. As a matter of fact he picked us up from the airport, which was a saturday, and dropped us off just to head back to work).  We went hiking almost every day, some days Colby hated it, and other days he didn't seem to mind - maybe he figured out that after the hike, he was able to play at the park for a while.

Jason, Francisca, Lea, Kami, Dan, and Brittany were all there for a couple days and we had some great time together

We had some fun family get togethers and Colby was able to meet his great-grandparents on papa's side,

 we took Colby to the mall so he could see dogs at the pet store and go on this merry-go-round,

 he also got his first professional haircut (which went SOOO much better than i could have ever imagined)

We had a great time in Arizona, but it sure does feel nice to be home again.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Baby stuff

I had another ultrasound yesterday to check on some of the things that the ultrasound tech wasn't able to find before with the first ultrasound.  The two things they needed to find was a valve on the heart, and the face.  Well after some difficulty, we were finally able to find out that the heart is fine.  But, this baby still wont let us get a look at his precious little face.  He is always looking down or towards my back.  I even got off the table to do some stretches to try and get him to move.  He was finally giving us a little glimpse of his face, but had his arm covering his mouth. Bad news: We weren't able to find out if there was a cleft palate issue.  Good news: I get yet ANOTHER ultrasound in a month.  It really is fun being able to see my baby so often!

I'm not sure how I feel about this doctors office anymore.  The ultrasound techs are super nice, but the receptionists and nurses seem so "cold". I'm pretty sure i've never seen them smile.  My doctor is nice, but I always leave there having an awkward conversation with her.  I was trying to figure out if it was her or me, maybe it is me.  Who knows.  She is really nice though, and i guess we can just continue these awkward little conversations about why Colby sometimes showers with me, and how i am able to fit in "hubby time" even though he works long hours.

This pregnancy has been pretty good to me.  With Colby i was completely over the sickness between 20 and 21 weeks.  With this far it's week 27 and i'm still feeling the sickness.  The throwing up is gone, but the nausea is still around, although not NEARLY as bad as it was the first 20 weeks.  I've come to the conclusion that I will be sick the entire time with this one, but i know it could be worse and i'm counting my blessings that the only things i've got going on right now is the nausea and the back pain that comes so rarely i can't even complain about it (although sometimes i can use that to my advantage when i want a back rub). Bring on the 3rd trimester!