Tuesday, March 29, 2011

g'ma and g'pa visit

Grandma and Grandpa Leith came to visit this last weekend.

We went Elk watching. Unfortunately the Elk were way too far away to see. Colby had a blast just being outside. we went shopping, out to eat, and he got LOTS of attention. of course he loved it.

ps i jinxed myself. apparently waiting 2 months to say anything about colby's sleeping wasn't good enough. he's waking up at night now and i don't know why. fun. guess i wont be saying anything once he figures it out again.

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Just a little update of the family -

Andrew is three weeks away from finishing his internship at CBIZ. He loves it, and i'm so happy for him that he works with great people. He's working long, hard hours, and sometimes doesn't get home until after 8 or 9. He received an informal offer there, so we're just waiting for his formal offer to make it official that we'll actually be LIVING in Bakersfield for a few years. How crazy. After his internship we're going to Cabo for a week with my parents. I can't wait! Colby and I got our passports last week, and Andrew already had his, so it's official. We can go! Not sure what is happening after Cabo, but I think we'll be headed up to Oregon for a few weeks to relax before he starts work (which i also don't know when he starts either). We're looking into buying a house here, it's one thing to look at houses, and it's another to actually BUY a house. Right now, I enjoy looking. I'm not sure if i'm ready to buy a house, but it's gotta happen sooner or later!

I've started crocheting again. Problem is that i crochet a bunch of stuff and end up putting it in a box. i mean who needs 20 different baby beanie's and 10 shoulder bags? but i love to crochet, so i do it anyway. That's pretty much what i do, Crochet and watch a baby. it's awesome.

Colby has 8 teeth now! he just got 2 more teeth this last week, it's insane. he's had 6 teeth pop through this last month. He's such a fun baby. Of course there are his bad moments too... like him wanting to move everywhere and not being able to crawl. i really want him to start moving, everyone tells me to enjoy this time when he's not moving, but yeah i'm ready for him to move because he pretty much fusses until i pick him up and take him to where he wants to go. BUT that's just the way things are, and i'm trying to enjoy this time that he actually wants me around and needs me! On another note, i've been debating with myself whether or not i should blog about this or not because it's been a wonderful 2 months and i don't want to jinx it, but COLBY SLEEPS NOW! yes that's right, he sleeps! I've struggled with him taking naps for 6 months and one day it finally clicked and i'm in heaven! i had tried almost everything to get him to sleep, i didn't want to leave him in there to cry because i've tried it before and it didn't work, but this one morning he wouldn't stop crying and i was trying to rock him to sleep and i was losing my patience, so i put him in his crib while he was crying because i just needed a break, so i took a shower and before i got out he was asleep! i was shocked. ever since then it's been bliss! now i put him in his crib and he smiles at me and then rolls over and falls asleep. don't get me wrong, it's not perfect everytime and i don't just let him cry when he obviously needs me, but it's a HUGE relief for me. Colby and I now have a much better relationship :)

Here are some cute pictures from tonight, he was fussy when he's on the floor by himself, but loves being in the laundry basket, especially with his sock.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Auntie Time

The other day Auntie Brittany came to visit for a few hours. The visit went by WAY too fast. It was fun having her come visit. It felt like we were back in Rexburg just hanging out again. Too bad instead of walking across the parking lot we now have a 2 hour drive. Colby just loves her.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

This morning i went to go check on colby to see if he was awake yet and i saw this

maybe he was hot? Or just wanted something to chew on so the obvious choice would be to take the pants off...

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

instantly happy

To keep occupied during the day (other than taking care of a baby) I've been watching some TV shows through Netflix. Colby will completely ignore the show, until the very end. He does this every time, he just loves the credits at the end. He doesn't even have to be watching it, he knows it by the music. He goes from grumpy to happy instantly EVERY time, and i get a kick out of it EVERY time.

Oh and don't mind the end of the video, he got so excited he fell over and i thought he was about to hit the tile...but he didn't. all is good :)

Monday, March 7, 2011

Newport Beach

I know i just posted a bunch of pictures on facebook, but i'm going to post them on my blog too. I always do that, same thing on facebook and my blog, but this way i have a little entry that goes with it so i remember the weekend.

My parents had a work convention in Newport Beach last week, and since they were going to be just a couple hours from us, a half hour from Dan and Britt, we decided to make it a little family get-together. Jason and Francisca flew down from Idaho Friday, and Kami drove up from Arizona on Friday afternoon. Andrew and I were going to leave early Saturday morning, but we started thinking about it and wanted to spend more than half a day at the beach, so Andrew was able to get off work at 5:45 (he was shooting for 5:00, but 5:45 is good considering he was getting home after 10:00 all week) and we headed down. We got there a little after 8:00 and met up with the family at Yogurtland (delicious!). Once we got there Jason and my mom came running past me to get to Colby, and Andrew took Colby and started running the other way... so with a mixture of it being past Colby's bedtime and running away from all these people that now wanted to hold him, colby took a while to warm up to them again, but after a few minutes he was finally his adorable self again.
Saturday we headed to Laguna Beach where we were most the day. Mike and Tamara were there, and it was so great to see them again. Kyle also stopped by for a bit and it was fun to see him too. Colby absolutely loved the beach, the ocean...not so much. He didn't mind the wet sand, but when i put his feet in the ocean he cried. I don't blame him though, it was too cold for me so i couldn't expect him to enjoy it, but i wanted to try. Colby got a great tan, I got a great burn. At least i remembered to put sunscreen on him.

He loved the feel of the sand in his hands

Between his toes

And on his face

We went back to the hotel and he LOVED LOVED LOVED the pool, well mostly the hot tub. He liked the pool, but started to get pretty cold. He had a blast in the hot tub though.

My little water baby

Loving the water

Saturday night we headed to Huntington beach to eat at Dukes right by the pier, and their hula pie was amazing as usual.

At the pier by Huntington Beach

Sunday we went to church with my cousin Beth, her hubby Ryan, and their cutest baby boy Colton. Colby and Colton are about 2 months apart (Colton being older) and they just loved each other. We went back to Beth and Ryans house afterwards for lunch. Colby hasn't really been around another baby, so it was fun to see how they reacted to each other, they were fascinated. It was too cute.

Cousins Colton and Colby

They love each other

Everyone together (minus mom who is taking the picture)