Monday, September 27, 2010



Playing on the grass

He is now 11 weeks old and growing like crazy. He's showing more personality and smiles ALL the time. He's so adorable, and catches everyone's attention when we walk into the room (I walk into a room holding him and everyone is all "OOHHHH HI!!!" for a split second i'm flattered, and then i realize no one cares that i walk into the room, they just want the baby).

Making my day

He had is two month shots on the 16th and, honestly, it wasn't as had as i thought it would be - mostly because i was reading a piece of paper when they gave him the shots. He gave two huge screams and then quieted down right away, he was so brave! (plus he went to sleep REALLY well, who wouldn't enjoy that?). I lost the sheet of paper that had the percentiles on it, but here's his measurements (with percentiles according to the internet)

weight: 9.69 lbs 5%
Height: 23 inches 25%-50%
Head Circ: 15 inches 5%-10%

After bathtime, just reading the paper (we start learning how to read at a young age around here)

I've been reading and going off of the book "babywise". Basically, they tell you to go off of an 'eat, wake, sleep' cycle so that the baby learns to fall asleep on his own. he would fall asleep on his own up until he was about 6-7 weeks and then slept HORRIBLY. He would scream and scream when i put him down for a nap and just hated it. It was hard on all three of us, but we stuck with it. this past week has been incredible, colby's been falling asleep really well. He usually sleeps from 11:00 to about 5:00 and a couple nights he has even slept until about 7-8! (i love those mornings) Basically, I love being a mom. Trying to get him to sleep in his crib was REALLY hard and i hated it (lots of tears) but i'm finally seeing the benefits and i LOVE what i see.

Getting swaddled for bedtime


About a month ago we went down to Pocatello for Andrew to take the GMAT. He did very well on it, i just hope it was well enough to possibly get a scholarship to help him through grad school. About a week before the GMAT, he volunteered to help out at an Extreme Makeover: Home edition house. He had a great experience and helped lay the bricks in the front of the house. We're both anxious for it to air this fall so i can finally see the inside of the house! It's just cool because it's something andrew helped do - so that makes it interesting to me. So when we went down there for the GMAT he took me past the house and it's HUGE.
Taking up the whole bed in Pocatello

Andrew is now in his last semester of school and working hard as ever - and i'm sure it's even more hard since all he wants to do is come home and play with Colby - but instead he has to do homework. BUT he graduates in December and we both can't WAIT.
Daddy's study buddy

He has interviewed at a couple places to intern at in the winter (he even interviewed for a firm in alaska...AHHH) so well see where we end up!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Colby's goal:

To stay awake and drive me CRAZY!