Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I need help

my issue for the past weeks or possibly months is this.... Colby hardly eats!  i'm a picky eater, and andrew is picky with textures...when you put that together you get a child that doesn't eat! I don't know if anyone has figured out sneaky ways to get their child to eat. Here's our situation, for breakfast i feed him a banana (sometimes he eats almost the whole thing, sometimes it's 2 bites) then he has maybe a couple crackers and goes to town on milk. For lunch i can get him to eat a chicken nugget and maybe a little bit of string cheese (if he's in the mood).  for dinner...NOTHING. i try to feed him what we're eating, but he wont touch anything if it's not chicken nuggets or fruit. he wont even put it near his mouth. i try to feed him yogurt and such, but he wont eat anything off his spoon because he thinks i'm giving him baby food (which he hates now). eventually i get desperate and right before bed i'll give him a bagel (which he'll have a couple bites) and then i give him more fruit. the last couple nights i haven't given him fruit because i don't want him to get used to the thought "if i don't eat that, i'll get fruit" but then again i don't know if he's too young for me to be putting my foot down that much? i know he drinks a lot of milk, so thats basically where he's getting the idea that he's full, but even when i take his milk away he still wont eat food that easily.  as far as veggies go, SOMETIMES he'll have corn, but veggies usually don't happen.  oh and 1 more thing...i haven't been feeding him in the high chair because all he does is throw his food over the edge and i get mad, so i just put a plate on the floor and he eats on the go. it's not what i want him to do, but i need him to eat! any advice?

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

a lot of random

sucking colby's boogers out is no fun, to him or me. i literally have to pin him down to get him to stay still enough for me to be able to get his snot out.  We were both sick a couple weeks ago, and now colby is sick AGAIN. he has only been sick once in his life and now twice in 2 weeks?! poor guy.

he's also teething like crazy, so that could play a factor. he has 2 more top teeth on his left side and is working on 2 more on his right, so right now my little boy has 12 teeth. he's really growing up!

as of Saturday, we are officially done nursing. I've been tapering him off since around 11 months or so, and i've been super scared to stop nursing him before bedtime, but i guess he didn't care. haha. i think it's harder for me than him. my little man is growing up so fast! 

he's walking everywhere like he owns this place, and i guess he pretty much does.
He also loves swimming. I was just planning on letting him walk around in the backyard, but he had other plans.