Monday, January 23, 2012


Colby has reached that age! It's so bitter-sweet.  Yesterday was Colby's first day of nursery.  I did take him last Sunday for a little bit just to see how he would adjust, and he seemed so happy so finally be off my lap and able to play.  I was so happy he loved it, but (and i blame this on the pregnancy) i was really trying to fight back tears! He didn't need me! So yesterday I made Andrew come with me to drop him off.  I basically just let him go and we snuck out real quick before he saw us leave. Apparently he cried for a short time, but other than that he did great! I didn't cry when I dropped him off, but seeing how happy he was when he saw us after church made me all emotional again! Dang hormones. It really was SOOO nice being able to just sit in class and relax again after a year and a half of trying to entertain him, so i really am so happy he's finally in nursury, it's just also hard to face the fact that he's 18 months old!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

18 months

Colby had his 18 month check up today. Always so sad to see him get the shots, but he's always such a trooper. I was a proud mama when the nurse kept saying how good he was for just sitting there while they checked him. I don't remember his exact measurements, but he was a little over 21 lbs and about 32 1/2 inches long i believe. He got taller since his last appointment, and gained about a pound. Of course now he's going through a picky phase, but hopefully we can get him to eat more and more to help him gain weight.

Right now he:
Loves opening and closing doors

Loves loves loves stuffed animals

I am missing most my measuring cups/spoons because they now belong to him

He must be held while i'm cooking so he can see what i'm doing (maybe he doesn't trust my cooking either)

He says a lot of words - mama, dada, papa, nana (gma and gpa sometimes), apple, banana, orange, cracker, raisins, oatmeal, cheese, ham, potato, corn, pants, shoes, socks, jacket, pillow, hello, bye, bear, ball, door, please, thank you, and probably more than i can't remember. of course most of those words are just between his parents and him, nobody else would have any idea what he's saying.

Loves dancing

Loves being chased by daddy when he gets home

Loves reading, but not getting read to

Goes into his room to take a nap and go down for the night when i ask him if he's tired

If something is out of place in the house he'll grab it and say "back" and put it where he thinks it goes (most of the time he actually gets it right)

He loves being outside and always wants me to put his shoes on, and then he'll grab my shoes for me

He is such a joy in our home.  We've been blessed with an incredibly good boy that loves to please people.  I just can't get enough of his smile!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I can't believe it! I am in shock, I honestly thought we were having a girl! Things haven't been too different with this pregnancy, so i don't know why i thought it was girl.  We even had a girl name picked out.  Now...back to ground zero. So excited to be having another boy! it's going to be so much fun with two boys, although i'm sure i'm going to have my hands full. Colby is going to teach his little brother all sorts of things i'm sure.  We also get to go back next month for a bonus ultrasound since our little one wasn't cooperating and hiding his face. I'm excited for that!
So...any boy name ideas? let me know!

Christmas vacation

Our christmas vacation was so much fun! It was crazy busy, but I wouldn't ask for more.  We drove through the night to get to Oregon because of the young one.  Colby does not do that well in his carseat these days, he just wants to go, go, go and hates that the carseat restrains him.  He finally upgraded to a front facing carseat for this trip and that made things so much easier to tend to him while we were traveling.  We left here around 7:30 and got to Oregon around 8:30 in the morning. not too shabby, but MAN is it exhausting to drive all night.  Our plan worked out great, Colby slept the majority of the way and made our trip so nice.  We started off the beginning of our vacation in Sherwood, spending just a couple days there.  We decorated sugar cookies, it was fun to watch colby. He got SOME frosting on the cookie.

Christmas morning was a blast with Colby able to do so much more than last year.  He ripped open those presents like a pro - although he didn't care much for what was inside. Maybe next year.

My parents planned another game for us this year "minute to win it" and of course we had a great time trying to beat these games in order to get our gifts.  I'm glad we are all able to get together still to spend Christmas morning together.
Monday morning, Andrew and I headed off to Bend to share the holiday with Andrew's parents.  It was a great trip over there! We opened more presents, let Colby explore the outdoors a bit, and we took him sledding. We were even sledding in the rain and Colby had a permanent smile on his face.  It was so much fun to watch him.  Pretty sure i bundled him up enough, once he could barely move his arms i figured we were good to go.

We made it back to Sherwood for the last bit of the trip and we had a great time relaxing before our journey home (again traveling through the night).  We are back in Bakersfield now, and although i miss Oregon to death, it feels nice getting back into our routine. I'm already looking forward to our next trip up there, although i have know idea when that will be.