Monday, May 20, 2013

San Luis Obispo

Andrew had a recruiting event at the college in San Luis Obispo on Saturday.  We decided to make a little trip out of it, and I'm so glad we did.  It was such a nice weekend to get away and enjoy a little time at the beach. 
We hung out at Pismo beach while Andrew was away for a couple hours at his recruiting event

When Andrew got back, we rented an awesome bike and strolled around town, despite what you may think from this picture, the boys actually had a great time.  Colby kept saying how fun it was, and parker kept banging his helmet against the bike, clearly out of excitement.
 Then we made the crazy walk up to the end of the pier.  It was so windy and cold, but we couldn't give up!
Loved this weekend. Andrew has been working insane hours the last few months, it was nice to get away, even if he was still gone for part of it!

Parkers 12 month check-up

On the 13th Parker had his one year check up, a month late.  For my records, here are his stats:

Weight: 17 lb 10.5 oz
Height: 29 in

He's a tiny boy.  Dropped below the 5th percentile.  The doctor is a little concerned, but since i told her how much he eats she seems ok with it, but how my goal is to fatten this little boy up.  I looked back at what Colby was at this age and he had dropped below the 5th percentile at some point as well, so I think it'll all be ok!

Parker is so much fun.  He isn't using any words, just dadadada, but he talks ALL the time. Always babbling something.  every now and then i'll get a mamama or nanana in there but he has no idea what he's saying.

He is such a trooper and doesn't even cry much when Colby pushes him down.

He tried to climb on everything.

He wants whatever colby has.

He thinks whats mine is his.

Still taking two naps, but soon will probably be down to one.

Smiles so so easily.

Loves his daddy more than anything.

Drools more than you could ever imagine.

Never stops moving.

I love that little boy :)

Thursday, May 16, 2013

potty training

I believe the first attempt to potty training Colby started sometime in January.  I went into it with little research and being completely naive to how hard this process was actually going to be.  I guess my thought process was along the lines of if you stick to it, your child will learn to potty train in a week, and after the first day he'll start to figure out what was happening.  I guess I was thinking I had a miracle child that would figure it out fast.  He didn't.  We tried for a week straight, i went straight to underwear so that he would feel he was wet, not like it, and soon start going in the potty so he wouldn't get wet.  Well, I spent that entire first week cleaning up mess after mess after mess after mess.  It was awful.  I gave up after a week.  I tried again a few weeks later, and had about the same sucess as before, so again, i gave up.  I tried again and this time I went to pull-ups so I wouldn't have to keep chasing him around with a towel to clean up his messes.  It was FOREVER before he started to understand.  I want to say it was a few weeks, and he finally started to go on the toilet all by himself, but would still have a few accidents.  Then, we went on vacation. oh goodness.  it was all out the window, i even brought his little potty on vacation with us, so he would go every now and then, but was having messes for the most part (we were at the pool/ocean most the day, so accidents just happened). So after a week on vacation we basically started over.  LUCKILY he picked it up faster this time around and didn't take months to accomplish it.  I don't know if I can even say he is fully potty trained (it's been about 5 months of trying by  now).  He will pee in the toilet, but pooping is hit or miss.  If he is outside, forget it, he wont come in to go.  His naps he stays dry, but not nighttime.  It's a work in progress.  I take him on quick trips with his big boy undies. we go to the park and the grocery store without having accidents (he even told me at walmart that he had to use the potty - which he didn't, i guess he just thought it would be fun to sit on the store toilets. gross). I cannot believe we are finally near the end of this potty training process with him!  it's such a huge relief. Of course next comes teaching him to stand up instead of sit, and to actually use the big boy potty instead of his little one, but he's too small to get up on it by himself, so it'll just be a work in progress...and then the night time wetting. goodness now that i realize this list still to do, is there an end to potty training?? well, at least we are down to having one kid in diapers. that's a relief!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Parker turns one!

On April 6th Parker turned one. I CANNOT believe how fast this year went. We had a rough start, but Parker is the best baby. We love him so much and are so blessed to have him in our family.

For his first birthday my parents, Andrews parents, and auntie boo (aka kami) came to visit and spend the weekend here. I'm so glad they were all able to come for his birthday, it was a blast having everyone in town.

This is also the day that he really started walking.  He had been taking steps and really trying, but all of a sudden he just got it!  He was walking all over! So much fun!