Wednesday, January 30, 2013


I realize that ever since having kids every picture i post and almost every blog is about them. I'm going to try and do better about putting up pictures of myself and blogging about what I'm doing more often.  However, this is not one of those times.  I feel the need to keep track of what my kids have been doing lately


He is talking SOOOO so very much and is talking in crazy sentences.  It's the cutest thing ever to hear him say "i need to do this because of this" its adorable how he puts things together.

He is still taking naps every day, and if i let him he'd still sleep for 3 hours or so, but unfortunately I have to wake him up by about 2:30 every day so he will go to sleep better at night.

Speaking of nights, he struggles a bit at bedtime.  He has realized he can get out of bed and he tries to do that every night.  He'll cry and try to get out of going to bed, and then get out of his bed about 5-20 times depending on the night. (short stage hopefully?)

He's doing really well in nursury.  When I take him to nursury he doesn't even say goodbye, he just walks in like he owns the place and leaves me hanging at the door. (i hear he doesn't give the leaders the attitude he gives me, so happy to hear that!)

He's definitely going through terrible two's.  He tried to get everything and is testing to see what he can get away with.  I see his sweet and sensitive side a lot though, and see the way he treats his bear or parker. 

He loves to pretend to cook, make loud noises, hammer things, fix things, take care of bear like he's a baby, play in his little tikes car, crawl around with Parker, be chased, RUN, and he could swing FOREVER.

When daddy comes home he gets so crazy excited.

He is not potty trained yet.  I've tried and failed a few times with that one. hopefully soon?

He loves being tickled and doing any sort of rough housing.


He finally got his two front teeth this morning! That makes six teeth! We're moving right along.

I'm pretty sure he thinks he's a toddler. He is crawling everywhere trying to keep up with Colby. He absolutely admires everything about him (he doesn't even get that mad when Colby knocks him over ).

He's my little cuddler, he is always laying his head on me.

He loves being tickled and having his bak tickled.

He loves being held.

He loves walking (of course it's with help)

He HATES eating his nasty veggies, but will eat anything else we put in front of his face.

He started saying "mama" on my birthday! He also started saying dada again.

When in the bathtub, he'll blow bubbles all the time. So cute.

Is almost impossible to get him dressed, he wants to move all the time.

His sleeping schedule needs adjusting, he's waking up before 7 way more than I would like (making everyone grumpy for waking up too soon).

He smiles all the time, he is such a happy and relaxed baby.

The big 2.7.

I'm beginning to enjoy my birthday each year more and more.  As the years went by, I wasn't a fan of getting older, birthdays were just another day to me. Now, I welcome by birthday with open arms.  Who wouldn't enjoy a day that is dedicated to you (and Ellen DeGeneres - whom I think should give me a birthday present).  I enjoy the "happy birthdays" i get, and people doing things for me.  Just this one day.
My parents drove the 8 hours up from Arizona for my birthday (or was it to see the grandkids? i can't remember - they did almost forget to give me a hug before they left).  They are so amazing and sacrificed their time to watch the kids for us while Andrew and I went out.  I had made plans to get a couples massage for both of us because I'm so stressed with the kids all the time and Andrew is so stressed with work and studying that I figured it would be wonderful for us to do this together.  I'm sure it would have been.  We showed up to get our massage right on time and the lady had completely forgotten about our appointment.  There was only one person there.  That just simply wont do for a couples massage.  She asked if we wanted to wait half an hour, but neither of us wanted to, so we left.  A little sad, but now i have extra money in my pocket :)  We just went out to lunch instead and walked around Target (funny we found ourselves looking at little kids clothes, you just can't get away from kids).
because we didn't make it to our massage, we just happened to be on the street at the same time as this person. Andrew said he would buy this limo.  I sure hope he wouldn't spend our money on this. (note the bull horns on the front)
I had a fantastic birthday, thank you to everyone who helped make it special. Love you all!
Here's a little video clip for your enjoyment

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

My favorite week of the year

Christmas time is my favorite. I love the cold weather, the hustle and bustle of everyone shopping and buying gifts. And of course, I love the anticipation of Christmas morning and seeing family. This year was a little bitter/sweet because andrew took the week before Christmas off so we had to leave family the day after Christmas, but it was great being able to see both our families.

We left the warm weather of Bakersfield on a Friday after andrew got home from work, we did a night drive again (those are getting difficult). The kids were great though, they didn't sleep much, but for being in a carseat they did well. We got to Bend Saturday morning and we were able to spend a few days with Andrews parents. We were welcomed by a ton of snow, blizzard warnings and all. It was so beautiful. It was so fun watching Colby play in the snow, he loves it! We tried to take him sledding, it didn't go as well as we hoped. It could have been because we tried sledding in a blizzard. He wasn't enjoying it quite as much as we hoped.

Colby caught on to the whole present thing rather quickly. He decided he loved opening presents. He even helped himself to opening Parker's (just to help him of course).

We headed over to Sherwood on Tuesday afternoon. We took Colby and Parker to Omsi while we were there (a big science museum), there was a ton of stuff for little kids. It's definitely something we would do again, he loved it! Poor Parker sat in the stroller the whole time, but soon he'll be able to play along with Colby. We decorated sugar cookies, made foot and hand imprints, Santa came to visit and we played A LOT. It's so fun being able to see family and having Lea there playing with them.


I love this time of year, I'm so sad it's over, but there's always next year! I'm so grateful for the time we were able to spend with family. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas season!