Thursday, August 26, 2010

Colby - meet your uncle and aunties

This past weekend Kami, Jason, and Francisca finally met Colby. They were all so cute with him! I just love seeing people fall in love with my baby!

Saturday we headed out on an adventure to Cave Falls. It was amazing! Such a beautiful waterfall. We found out when we got home that there is actually a cave there (go figure...cave falls and there's a cave) but there was a rock slide so you aren't allowed to go into the cave anymore, we didn't even know there was a cave, but i was still beautiful.

Monday, August 16, 2010

2 wonderful years!

August 15th was our two year anniversary. Unfortunately, i forgot that you actually GIVE something for your anniversary until Friday night. I've been so caught up in Colby that i completely forgot to even think of something to give Andrew. I looked up the gift you should give for 2 years of marriage, and it was cotton...are you kidding me? I was expecting a good idea to pop into my head, i can't for the life of me figure out why nothing came to mind when i saw the word cotton. So instead of giving andrew something for our anniversary, we decided to go to Mesa Falls to celebrate.

It's so beautiful there! It would have been fun to have a picnic, but Colby was getting hungry so we had to head back, but still had a great time getting out.
Of course Saturday night I found out Andrew got me something for our anniversary. Nothing completely HUGE since i reminded him about our anniversary Friday night as well. He's just much better at thinking of something on the spot that i am. He got me soap for a bubble bath ( i just love baths) and lotion for a massage (carrying colby wears on you!) and the best movie thus far...17 again! I absolutely love that movie, and he remembered that i said a while ago that we just need to buy that movie.
I think it's safe to say that i completely failed in the anniversary department this year... good thing i have an understanding husband! better luck next year! I am so blessed to have Andrew in my life. I love that I married my best friend. He's a wonderful husband and dad, i couldn't ask for more! I love him sooo much!

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Nobody warned me about post-pregnancy cravings! oh my goodness i'm out of control! I don't even know if there is such a thing as having post pregnancy cravings, but i swear i have the disease! All i want is chocolate, ALL THE TIME. i've always loved chocolate of course (i am a girl afterall) but i can usually control myself, and at the present time...I have no control! I didn't even have cravings during my pregnancy, which is why i'm completely taken off guard by this realization that i'm in love with chocolate. It makes it very hard to lose the pregnancy weight.

But my little Colbster is completely worth it.

Friday, August 6, 2010

All about Colby

I guess I'm becoming one of those moms that only blog about their children, but i have so many cute pictures of colby that i just HAVE to put them up! He's so adorable! I absolutely love him to death and i'm so blessed that i get to stay home and be with him all the time. I get my break when i go work out, but i miss him so much when i'm gone for that short time! I look forward to Andrew coming home from work all day so he can see how cute he is! of course, by the time Andrew gets home he's usually doing his nightly fussing. I must say, i think i have the cutest kid ever!

Thank goodness for daddy! Every night when he comes home from work Colby needs the football hold from daddy to help calm him down.

See what i mean? He loves it though!

Must be a guy thing, but when my parents were here my dad was able to calm him down right away!

His overalls from auntie brittany! He loves them!

cute right? :) I love my little family!
My precious boy!