Tuesday, October 18, 2011

baby #2

so the news is out there, we're having another baby.  we're so excited! i'm almost 12 weeks along i believe. my first appointment is on Nov 3rd so we'll get more information then.
i knew something was up before i took the test.  we've been working so hard on the house and all of a sudden i woke up with absolutely no energy, i didn't understand why i was so tired.  I waited a while to take the test because andrew wasn't ready for the results yet, but i finally convinced him :) My concern is that i was using crazy chemicals on the house before i took the test, so i hope everything is okay even though i was around bad fumes. With colby i got sick around 8 weeks and it lasted until about 20 weeks.  this time around, the sickness started at about 5 weeks. I can only hope it leaves before 20 weeks so that i can eat healthy again and actually eat Thanksgiving dinner! (yes that is a big concern of mine :) ).  So this time around i've got exhaustion, sickness, the random headaches, but that's about it! even though i'm not a fan of the first trimester symptoms, i'm trying to keep in mind how blessed i am that i'm pregnant and as far as we know, everything is okay with our little peanut. i know it could be worse, so i'm trying to keep the right perspective. AH i can't believe my little baby is going to be a big brother!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

here's to a great weekend

Colby finally got his 12 month check-up, even though he's 14 months. all this moving and insurance switching is making it hard to get into the doctor. I absolutely hate when he has to get shots, he just looks at me like i need to fix it, but i can't! we also had to go to the lab to get his blood drawn, yes they had to draw it out of his vein, so i had to pin him down while this was happening. it was horrible, but he stopped crying right after i let him go, he's a little trooper.  he's doing well though! he's still a little guy, but he seems happy so i'm not too worried that he's small. here are his stats:

20 lbs 10 ounces
31 inches long

he's in the 50% for weight and about 10% for height i believe, but she said it was okay. i'm working on cutting back on his milk intake since he's getting WAY too much and stopping him from eating i think (by the way thank you everyone who gave me advice on what to do! i've tried different things and we're getting some improvement! yay!).

on a different note, this past weekend my whole family went home to oregon. There was so much going on that made it go by way too fast. i'm so glad we were able to go home, but so sad that it was the fastest weekend ever. we flew in at midnight friday night. Saturday we went to Mike and Cara's wedding (Mike is Andrew's brother). it was so much fun! it was great to see all of andrews family, and it was great to be able to put colby in such a cute outfit for it :)

On Sunday we had Leiahna's baby blessing. Congrats to Jason and Francisca for having such a beautiful baby girl! She is such a good baby! I'm sad i only got to see her for such a short time, and i wont be able to see her again until Christmas.

I thought this was such a cute picture of my mom with her grandkids. She was just so happy to have them around her.  
 I can't wait to see everyone again!