Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Thanksgiving and mostly Black Thursday

Thanksgiving was so great this year. I love family and I love eating. Win win. The week started off with my parents coming into town on Monday. I just love having them here, it's nice having company during and help entertaining the kids. Dan, Britt, and Kami arrived Thursday morning. I'm so glad my family was able to come and visit even if it was for a short time. Dan, Britt and my parents ended up leaving Friday, but kami was able to stay until Saturday.

This was the first year that we had our eyes on a few items at Walmart for Black Friday (or Thursday).  We've been wanting a new TV for a while, but just haven't wanted to spend the money on one, but when we saw that 60" TV for less than $700 we couldn't pass it up.  Andrew and I headed over to Walmart at 5:00 to see how things were looking.  If there was already a huge line we'd just walk away, if there wasn't, we just might stay.  Well we got there and the place was surprisingly empty.  We found the line for the TV and there were about 15 people there already.  We asked a worker how many TV's there were and he told us 41, so we were like "holy crap we might actually have a shot at getting one!" So we stayed, or actually, Andrew stayed.  We brought Colby along with us so I didn't last long with him.  I put the boys in bed at 8:00 and headed over.  I also had my eye on a sewing machine that went on sale at 8:00.  I got there a little after 8:00 and the sewing machines were gone. That place was absolutely CRAZY, walking through the DVD section took FOREVER.  I met up with Andrew and just waited with him until 10:00 when the TV's went on sale and before we knew it, we had that beautiful TV back in our home.  Was it worth the 5 hour wait? yes, yes it was (dont worry, andrew agrees).  Andrew surprised me after we got home, we were trying to find a place to get a cheap wall mount (we saw one at walmart.com but we didn't want to wait for it to ship - we were anxious!)  I had to get sleep because the boys don't let me sleep very well, so i stayed home, but andrew got all crazy and in the black friday spirit and headed back out at 12:30 to find a wall mount.  He went to Target, best buy, and another walmart store (where he found my sewing machine) and also came home with a wall mount and "how I met your mother" seasons on DVD (funniest show ever by the way). It was a fantastic night :)  We just love our TV, and I am trying my best to sew.  It was a great day :)