Friday, November 16, 2012

I believe I jinxed things...

I would like to take this opportunity and take back almost everything I said about Colby. That little stinker is constantly changing.  I believe he has officially turned into a two year old over night.  He now wants all sorts of independence and do things on his own.  He tends to think he knows what is best for himself.  He fights nap time and bedtime now, he throws fits and whines a lot (I tend to think this is because he sees that I respond to Parker's cries so he now does it to get attention). Just now he tried to take my iPad from me so he could "see something real quick". So basically he acts like a baby but thinks he owns this place. Haha kinda funny.  It's cute watching him get all independent and figure things out on his own (nap time and bedtime are my least favorite of this change). This is just a phase and it'll pass :)

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

28 month Colby

I can't believe how  fast these kids grow.  I mean, 28 months? really? Colby says the funniest things these day, I've been writing them down in a book so I can always remember them.  He is always cracking us up.  He really does want to be such a good boy, he never wants to disappoint us.  He throws tantrums like any other 2 year old, but I know in his heart he wants to please us.
He is so good about naptime lately, it really is such a huge relief.  He tells me when he's tired and he grabs his bear and begs me to follow him (come on mommy, come on) and he leads me back to his room where he then gets the room ready (turns on the music, heater, fan etc) and then we read a book, he puts it back for me, and then gets into bed.  This is such a huge help since I am usually holding a tired Parker trying to put him to sleep as well.
  • He is such a nice brother to Parker.  If Parker is crying, he will give him a toy to try and calm him down.
  • He treats his bear like a baby, his bear cries, gets hurt, needs to take naps and even gets time outs.
  • He jumps like crazy! He will jump off the couch, jump from the couch to the ottoman, jump off his bed. He's a crazy little dude.
  • He always has to sit on the counter when I cook.
  • After he eats his dinner, he comes running to us for a treat (yes we had to bribe him to get him to eat).
  • He has started doing somersaults and loves it.
  • He is very curious in what we're doing and says "what are you doing?" a lot.
  • If we complete a task he'll say "good job mommy!" or "good job daddy!"
  • He is always asking to go to the park with his friend Alina or to go to the store or get the mail.
  • He is really good at understanding when I say "one more time" that it really is just one more time and then we need to go or we're all done with something.
Funny little story:
This morning I left Parker and Colby out in the living room while I ran in the back to take a quick shower, when I got out I heard Parker crying a bit (nothing unusual since he cries a lot) but I went out to check anyway, and what i saw was Parker laying on his stomach pinned down by Colby who was just laying on Parker on his stomach, his hands resting under his chin while he watched TV. Just like he would be laying on the floor, only he had Parker pinned down and was acting like it was no big deal.  Oh boy, these kids sure are going to have lots of fun together soon!

Colby really is such a good boy, I just love him to pieces!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Parker 7 months

Parker turned 7 months old on the 6th.  I just took him to the doctor today and here are the stats (at least what i remember of them):
Weight: 14 lb 3.5 oz
Height: 25.5 in
He's under the 5th percentile for a 7 month old, but since he was a month early they counted him as only 6 months and in that case he's in the 5-10th percentile.
  • He's rolling all over the place
  • He scoots around like crazy to get to all sorts of forbidden objects i purposely put out of his reach
  • The doctor confirmed that he's teething (which would explain the extreme fussiness)
  • He usually falls asleep for nap and bedtime with no problem
  • He smiles all the time (even when he's fussy I can get him to fuss with a smile)
  • He just stares at his daddy and gets the biggest grin on his face
  • He already suffers with separation anxiety
  • He wants to eat everything
  • He LOVES electronics and tries to claw his way to get it (phone, remote, ipad, anything)

Monday, November 5, 2012

Fun little crafts

Lately I've been trying to find ways to entertain Colby.  I would love to just send him outside and let him play all day, but with him still wanting me to play alongside him I'm not able to with a newborn in hand.  So after searching pinterest for ideas, i finally tried out a few.  We have so much fun!  His favorite thing (and the thing that keeps him entertained the longest - so therefore my favorite thing too) is play dough.  Here's some other things we've done.