Thursday, May 26, 2011

what a weekend

Andrew made his own dinner the other night.

Ingredients: mac and cheese, black beans, chilli powder, pepper, ketchup, and cheese. i know it's been a while since he's cooked, but what the heck? that's completely wrong! He had a spoonful ready for me to taste it. after some convincing on his part, i told him i'd try it if he made me brownies so i could counteract the disgusting taste in my mouth.

Turns out it was good! i'm a little bummed about that, i didn't get my brownies.

On another completely unrelated note: I've decided house hunting is DEFINITELY not as fun as it may appear. I thought it would be awesome to look through a bunch of homes and then pick one that i liked and make an offer. Not only do i have to sacrifice a lot of what i was hoping to get, but most the houses we find we get outbid on. I knew in some homes you get into "bidding wars" but i didn't realize it was on EVERY house. There are other homes that have been on the market for a long time, but then i start wondering...why have they been on the market a long time? what's wrong with them? turns out looking at homes is completely exhausting when you only have an hour or so during Andrew's lunch, and a baby that needs to nap. And then you deal with getting a loan. UGH. but i'm SO anxious to get out of an apartment and make our house our own :) ultimately, i know we'll end up where we're supposed to. we just have to keep our spirits up and keep looking.

This last weekend Kami came up to visit from Arizona. She spent some time here, then went to LA and then came back here with Dan and Britt, we went out to dinner, and made smores over the stove.

Kim and Jeff were also on a trip and were able to stop by on sunday for a bit to see us. it was a great weekend filled with visitors! Kim and Jeff also have a dog, Nessie. I thought for sure colby would start crying once he saw Nessie, but turns out he kinda liked her, even though he was getting knocked over. i guess the dog licks all over the face made up for that, plus Nessie brought some new food for him to try.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

going private

it's that time... i'm making my blog private. just leave your email address if you want an invite on my blog or on facebook!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Best Toy Ever

Colby was having a little too much fun out of our sight this afternoon. When you don't hear anything at all, it's never a good thing.

Sunday, May 15, 2011


Being in Sherwood this last week was amazing! i just love being back in my home town. Colby was having issues all week....issues with his bowels that is. we had many dirty diapers a day, most at VERY inopportune times. He even left a little surprise in Nana's bathtub, and no, it was not a snickers. To make things even better, Nana was on bath duty that night.
And then there was the restaurant as we were heading out of town. We heard some intense pushing coming from the backseat on the way to the restaurant, only to find that colby's little Huggies did not do their job. It took a tag team with my mom and me to clean up the explosion in the bathroom at the restaurant. Needless to say, there were casualties - the new shirt my mom got me now bears colby's mark forever. But who can stay mad at this kid? Especially when he's at the wheel.

Andrew and i were finally able to go on a date. It was a short date, we made a break for it while colby took a nap. We jumped on my dads motorcycle and headed straight to.... the movie theater. kinda pathetic right? we finally get to go on a date and we go to a theater. well we had movie ticket gift cards that we had to use. truthfully, it didn't matter what we did, it was just great to be the two of us for a couple hours. and to ride on the back of a motorcycle again!

My first Mothers Day was fun! i told Andrew that i wanted a couple shirts and molten lava cake for mothers day. We celebrated mothers day on Tuesday when we headed to the Woodburn outlet mall so i could pick out the shirts i wanted, and that night we made molten lava cake. PERFECT mothers day. It was a perfect mothers day as well - Colby got super spoiled by Nana at the outlet mall.

Sunday, May 8, 2011


After Cabo, Andrew, me, and Colby headed up to Oregon to extend our vacation for 2 more weeks. We went straight to Bend to spend some time with Andrew's parents. We went shooting, walked around Sunriver, and went shopping at the Bend Outlet mall (which i thought would be a lot bigger). It was a fun week and great for Colby to get to know his Grandma and Grandpa Leith better.

All ready to go shooting! looking like a big boy!

A new toy

Spending time with Grandma while we shoot the guns

Protecting his little ears

My parents were also there for a bit, and fed Colby oranges

and bones

Next week: Sherwood

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Cabo San Lucas!

We spent the last week in Cabo San Lucas with my parents and we had SO much fun! This is your warning, this is going to be an INCREDIBLY long post, but i want to be able to remember it for the future.

We went down to LA Friday night because our flight left out of LA on Saturday morning. That was such a hard night! Now that colby is pulling himself up, we took his bassinet out and we found out that his pack n play is SUPER loud. about an hour after he went to sleep he moved and it woke him up, then came the screams. we couldn't put him back in the crib because he was way too upset about it, we tried to make another crib with the couch by pushing it against the bed, but that only worked for a couple hours before he started to crawl on the bed. after colby and i hardly slept that night he ended up sleeping the last hour and a half in the bed with us (which was super cute). BUT the good thing about the sleepless night was that he flew so well, he passed out on the take off and was great the entire flight.

As soon as we got to the airport we were immediately hassled! for anyone that has ever been to mexico you know that they always try to sell you stuff, they just hassle you like crazy! it's very overwhelming, but eventually we made it to our condo and it was beautiful. My parents ended up giving us the master suite because we had to fit the crib somewhere, that was a major bonus :). even though the condo was super nice, we realized the first night that we were in the center of all the partying. it was so loud with all the music blasting well past midnight, i had a hard time falling asleep with all that noise. Colby and Andrew had NO problem.

colby was such a good baby! he had a blast exploring cabo. he crawled all over the condo and just loved the terrace! especially since there was a hot tub on it and we could just take him in there to play. We were able to get him to go to sleep just about anywhere, he looked like a little angel! he just took super short naps because he wasn't in his crib, but it still helped so that we didn't have to sit in the condo during his naps. He fell asleep on the beach and left andrew and me to sit there holding up a tent for him. as soon as we found a stick to fashion a tent, he woke up. figures.

We took colby swimming a lot. He was such a ladys man. we had so many people coming up to us commenting on how adorable he is. i totally agreed with them of course. through the swimming process we realized how much the swim diapers SUCK. the only size we could find was a size medium and apparently they are too big. we would be holding him after swimming and all of a sudden we would feel warmth running down our leg, or he would be crawling around and leave behind a puddle. Not sure what to do about that, so sometimes we just took him swimming in the hot tub with his diaper on.

We went on a few adventures. We took a water taxi over to the arches. it was pretty incredible, so pretty. every 5-6 years i guess the tide is low enough that you can actually walk under the arches. i guess the water taxis usually drop you off at a beach right next to the arches called Lovers Beach but because of the tide and the waves crashing they weren't dropping anyone off, but we took a tour around the arches onto the pacific side. pretty amazing. we thought colby would have a blast on the boat, but he kinda seemed like he didn't care much about it.

The next day we decided to hike over to lovers beach. it was going to be quite the hike and it would definitely take mom out of her comfort zone since we had to climb over a bit of rocks, but we did it anyway! it was so much fun, it was the highlight of my week! i had a blast hiking over all those rocks. i'm still paying the consequences though. we were running from a wave on one of the beaches, andrew had his shoes on and had to run past me, so i was running backwards to try to let him past so he didn't get his shoes wet. i totally ran into a ruge rock and nailed my ankle and bruised my tailbone. still can't sit well :( colby passed out in the backpack and missed out on the fun, but he woke up when we got there for pictures. Of course when we got over there we were greeted with HUNDREDS of people. yeah, the water taxis started dropping people off at the beach again. i'm still glad we hiked over there though.

Andrew and i went out to the beach to ride wave runners later that day. i had never really been on one before and had so much fun! i'm so glad we did it, we had so much fun!

We spent one of the days walking over to the pacific side. you aren't allowed to swim in that ocean because it has too strong of a current, so it was very peaceful. there was hardly anybody on the beach. it was such a nice break from our condo where we are hassled every 30 seconds.

We found great places to eat, the best places were the holes in the wall restaurants (if you can call it that). they had cheap food that was AMAZING.

In the airport coming home we went to Subway for some cookies, the lady gave us a couple suckers for Colby. They turned him all blue! but he loved it!

Cabo was definitely a great vacation! Completely different from what i'm used to, but it's a great experience.