Sunday, December 18, 2011

Our Obedient Child

We taught Colby to fold his arms during prayers.  At dinner and for bedtime we've been teaching him how to pray.  He's gotten pretty good at the routine.  He's even put me in my place.  Andrew was late for dinner, so I just made something small.  I put Colby in his highchair and sat down to eat.  I put food on my fork to give to Colby and as i turned around there was my little boy, sitting quietly with his arms folded. I had forgotten to pray and he reminded me. Whoops.

Today, I decided to read the lesson for Relief Society.  I sat in bed with Andrew and Colby and started reading outloud.  The lesson started off mentioning Heavenly Father, and Colby folded his arms (thinking i was praying). I continued reading, and he continued to fold his arms.  Andrew had to whisper "amen" in his ear to finally relieve him from folding his arms so he could get back to reading his own book.

Now i know he is picking things up pretty quickly.  I just hope he picks up more good habits than bad.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

our first christmas tree

With Christmas commercials all over the TV, people putting up Christmas lights, i couldn't help but feel that our home needed a little help. it was beginning to feel very empty to me. so Andrew and i set out to get a few decorations for inside our house, and to get our very first christmas tree together! This is our 4th christmas together as a married couple, and our very first tree.  Even though we aren't going to be here for christmas, we are going to be home long enough to enjoy the tree. it was a wonderful idea. i love having that tree in our house and i love the smell! Christmas is my favorite time of year and i'm so glad we can actually enjoy it in our new home too!