Saturday, January 18, 2014

things that put a smile on my face

Parker is 100% addicted to my iPad, iPhone, iPod, iAnything.  I have to hide them in my room, if he see's it, he comes running and pretty much steals it from me.  One morning, he crawled on my bed, tucked himself in, and started playing Mickey Mouse on my iPad.  I love watching him do cute little things like that.

I try my best to keep Parker off the counter. When i'm in the shower, he's just helping himself to our cabinet. Trying on deodorant, andrew's cologne, and putting my lotion all over his hair. This one morning I was making the bed while Andrew was getting ready for work and Colby decided to join Parker. Those two come up with the craziest things to make the biggest messes.

Colby was reading to Parker tonight. They love each other so much.

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